Have you ever wonder – how fast is my internet?

Is it rendering same speed as the internet service provider promised you, while you purchased the plan? If yes, then this blog post will surely help you out to run the test more than once to find an average speed – required for your work.In today’s technical era, everyone has immensely associated with mobile phones as well as internet. No matter you are less or a frequent internet user, slow speed and patchy internet connections are same annoying for every user.

We often go forward with reputed internet services provides to buy a new internet connection just because heard about them a lot from people, relatives and maybe from your colleagues but most of the time get bad results because they choose the connection without proper evaluation. Internet speed is not constant for any region. So going forth with investigating the internet speed of your region leads to money waste only. As the 4th generation of internet aka 4G internet is running prominently, the expectations of a user with respect to internet speed raise correspondingly. Every individual is ready to pay huge on internet services in order to get desired data and speed – well in tuned to their requirement.

Thus for every internet providers, high internet speed – with high-frequency bandwidth is a major concern. Every internet user needs –

  • Faster page-loading time
  • High download/browsing/upload speed
  • More Data
  • Stable Connection
  • Low Cost

What is a good Internet Speed?

The internet speed is accurately measured in Mbps(Megabytes per second). The more megabytes or gigabytes transmitted in a second describe the bit rate of data. This Mbps speed further depends on some certain factors such as bandwidth. The Mbps speed varies with time. Internet speed is different at the different time, sometimes faster than usual or some it’s extremely slow.

Also, it varies with activities too. Activities such as Downloading, Uploading, Browsing, and Ping. Every activity has different speed at same. Let take an example – you are browsing with high speed, but facing trouble while uploading or downloading. This happens because one activity in your broadband and WiFi connection have less consumption and have huge scope upcoming request, thus it has a faster speed.

Whereas, another activity has no space in the network to assign with suitable bandwidth for high-speed. This is why it’s running with slow speed.

How to measure the exact internet speed?

Every Internet service provider loves to make huge claims about their services. Probably every one of us spends a good chunk of our valuable money on the home or the office internet service. So it’s necessary to check the internet speed of your internet to be assured with the connection that you’re getting or not, the aspects related to your broadband connection – promised by the service provider. But note it down that internet speed varies region and environment state. Keeping this exceptional case in mind, you can measure the exact internet using some tools.

There are some certain tools available in the market – helping to find the appropriate speed with concern to download, ping, upload and much more.

Here is the list of top 5 tool to measure the internet speed :

  • Speedtest.net – This s one of the most famous internet speed test tool available online for free. This is a full-featured tool powered by Ookla. This tool is ideal to perform a speed test – covering all aspects such as upload and download speed, latency, and packet loss.

This tool includes a survey after the test to check the lack in the speed of different regions. This allows Ookla to gain certain information required to prepare an impressive database of consumer connection information, which can be viewed and broken down by region — in the U.S.

  • Fast.com – If you just want simple speed number then Fast.com – a simple internet speed testing website powered by Netflix is made for you. We call it extremely simple because it automatically starts the test to show the internet speed with respect to download, upload, and ping.

You can browse this site anywhere anytime without spending a single penny for speed testing tools.

  • SpeedOf.me – Unlike other speed testing tools, SpeedOf.m e is slightly different as well as complex but show highly accurate results. Using its server you are able to utilize a CDN to serve files, – required by your network download. As soon as it takes much time than usual, the tests will stop and it will use the first failed download as the benchmark.


  • uSwitch – This broadband speed testing tool is designed to find the accurate broadband speed and compare it against others servers working in the same region – helping people to make a decision about whether to switch broadband providers.

In the process of speed testing, it starts to download a test packet of data to gain an estimate of the broadband speed and then it’ll choose a larger download for the real test.

  • SpeedSmart – SpeedSmart is an HTML5 based internet speed testing tool – reliable to work with all devices. Same as other internet speed testing tools, it also shows the same results scattered in the download, upload, and ping.

This mainly focuses to collect ping information – required to run down the slow-speed problem or do a slightly deeper analysis of your connection than obtaining simple speed information. These all mentioned tools are prominent to provide the actual view of your network’s performance – helping you to make a wise investment for internet services.

Each tool has its different functionality but runs under the similar idea of describing the upcoming internet speed by capturing the nearby server of the service provider. All these tools are free and do not demand any of your personal authorization. All it works on is your location and your service provider in order to capture the net internet speed.  This simple idea that raises these tool can change your whole perception for your internet connection.


So go forth and take wise step by choosing right internet connection for you to dodge patchy, low-speed networks.